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Interim Management

Our senior executives will work in your premises, or online, as a key member of your team providing exceptional experience and expertise to assist your company through growth and transformation. Our team includes experts in: sales and marketing and PR; financial planning and control; writing business plans and implementing scale-up strategies; systems to improve efficiencies and workflows; HR and organisational development; governance, including setting up board structures and recruiting Non-Executive Directors.

Business Growth and
Change Management

We work with clients to agree plans for 12 months, 3 and 5 years. Once we have a clear way forward, we drive every element of the project to achieve agreed targets. This is an intense approach that works by galvanising the entire business behind clear objectives and stretching goals. Typically, we are engaged by clients for 6-12 months.

Business Expansion Plans

Sometimes clients want a professionally produced business expansion plan and we deliver these through a process of audit and analysis, followed by a series of workshops with the business owners and senior executives to identify the key strengths of the company. We then produce a detailed and carefully researched business plan our clients can use with banks and other funders to secure expansion finance.

Help with Funding for Start-ups
and Early-stage Companies

We have worked with many start-ups and early-stage companies to help them with their fundraising. This involves advice and input to pitch decks and approaching suitable angel or VC funders to secure commitment. In some instances, we are willing to work on a reduced fee and a share of the equity basis.

Business Sales and
Succession Planning

Selling your business and ensuring you exit profitably, on your terms, requires careful planning. We work with business owners to get their business sale ready and identify any areas that need attention if they are to secure the best possible price for their life’s work. Many business owners fail to plan and unfortunately, they sell for a below-market price. Also, if succession plans are not in place valuable and loyal employees may be at risk from an incoming buyer.

Executive Coaching
and Mentoring

Running and building a business can be a lonely task and having an experienced person to talk to can be an invaluable way for an owner to grow their own knowledge and to see things with a new perspective. We provide coaching and mentoring services for both SME owners and their senior executives and for executives in larger organisations who are looking for guidance and support. Coaching and mentoring are powerful ways that business leaders can overcome challenges and move their careers and their organisations forward more successfully.

Corporate Communications

Good communication is at the heart of successful organisations, and, as companies grow, this area becomes even more important. We provide a range of services including: communications’ audits; external programmes for customers and other key stakeholders; PR and media to raise brand awareness and drive sales enquiries; investor relations and internal communications.

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